He Left

I should be numb – but I’m not I’m more dumbfounded by the fact That you are still here; And that I stay Outsiders looking in tell me that it would be cut and dry for them But they are not living my lie They are merely getting second hand what I share They can’t […]

Randomness I

The holidays are upon us! I think this will be my last stint at retail work. Yes I went and applied at a retail store for the holidays. I’m not really sure why. I think I’ve just been conditioned to working. All my life, all I’ve known is to work. I never really understood the […]


I know the EASY thing to do… BUT… Easy isn’t always the right thing; it’s what it is… Just easy.  You know what I mean?  But when you are weary and tired… easy is looking pretty darn good.  It’s when easy begins to look that good, you need to LEAN ON HIM. I occasionally think […]