I do it because I want to; not because I have to

Not because of obligation; Nor because it’s your expectation

So trust me when I say; that anything I do for you; I do because I want to

Also, I think you need to know that it’s a privilege, not a right of yours

More like an honor that is bestowed 

Upon the select few whom I truly love

So when I do what I do whatever it might be that I choose to do for you

There is no hidden agenda; no other reason will be found

Except ONLY I do it because I want to 

I’ll say it again  – NO other reason will be found…

I do it because I choose to

Jmarie© 2016



Pros — no more sickness no more pain no more trying to remember my name  

Cons — no more hugs no more smiles no more physical you to love

Three years ago today you were called away 
I miss you My Grandmother – My Love 

Forever in the heart❤️ of this woman.

Jmarie(c) 2016

That feeling

Eyesight seems to be fading, but when I close my eyes I can see your face so clearlyA tear forms due to the memories

Interesting how when my eyes are open and focusing on words on a computer screen

Everything is out of focus and distorted

But when I close them, a smile develops upon my lips, I see your face, a tear appears, and a pleasant calm comes upon me and my life seems so clear

Such as amazing feeling that is…

Yes, love is such an amazing feeling.


 Written from the heart of a woman…mine


In my reality, time is in perpetual motion.
In my dreams, prayers, hopes and desires. 

Time stands still and never tires 

How awesome and amazing it would be 
If those two worlds could meet and intertwine  to coexist in my heart and mind…

Such a Precious gift – time!

Thoughts from the ❤️ of a Woman..

Jmarie(c) 2016 

Voices from the Heart

Did you know that the sound of your voice equates to warmth –when my heart hears it

And that the topic of conversation is never relevant –because my heart feels it

The sincerity of your voice intertwined by spiritual design and the genuine sincerity inside – cannot explain this

Except that …

Your voice – My heart – Combined

He made “This”


What A Difference

What a difference a year makesWhen you sit down to reflect

How far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown

Or even when you count the many steps you’ve taken that actually have you stepping back

What a difference a year makes…and I’m speaking figuratively

Whether 365 or 10,000 days

It’s always a blessing to be able to identify and see

Whether the strides or the failures were worth your time and effort

Whether the tears or the smiles lifted you up or brought you down

Whether it’s your actions or His Will that brought you to your destination

What a difference…

What a difference a year makes I say quietly to myself

Looking forward to the next adventure or lesson learned I will surely make

Thinking about what I’m asking for; thinking about what He’ll give

Thanking Him every day for the opportunity to live

The proof is in the pudding if I can see the difference a year makes

Because it means I’m growing constantly and NOT sitting here stagnant

You must LIVE everyday so that when you DIE it’s not in vain….

So again… I smile and say to myself… What a splendid difference a year makes … again and again and again..


Written from the Heart of Woman