Power of the Sun

Right now my life is in a state of confusion

Topsy turvey; nothing about it is amusing

I’m doing what I’m doing with no formal direction

I’m doing what I’m doing as I sit back and look at my reflection

Going through the motions and praying that I’m doing right

Asking for His guidance every single night

Trying to be strong for those who depend on me

At the same time fulfilling my contract to my employer as an employee

Moving in many directions while I’m sure I’m standing still

Asking myself if I’m dreaming and if what’s happening right now is really real..

And just when I think I cannot take any more

The sunshine appears with all of its warmth

The love and support that I can feel from its rays

Help me to continue on this journey/season I’m going through these days

I close my tear filled eyes and Thank God for the Sunshine… 

Feeling like that at this moment the Sunshine will always be mine

Jmarie© 2017


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