Ladies and Gentlemen

It’s almost time for me to release my first short story. I’m shooting for a July 2014 release — Happy Birthday To Me!! I will keep you updated. You will be able to purchase it on or directly from me. I’m very excited, but until then, please enjoy my poetry.


I’m reminiscent of a time I was fearless and forthright
Always willing to try the next thing; knocking down barriers without doubt
Today now that I am older, I second guess every movement that I make
Afraid that I might fail; doubting every step I take
No longer feeling resilient enough to face most things head on
Being overly cautious because I feel like I have no one
To have my back
Is my safety net

And then He reminds me that He is always here
Knocking down those obstacles; trying to help me face my fears
They say God helps those who help themselves
All I need to do is to keep taking one step forward
And He will help me with the rest

So I reminisce about that fearless teenager
Sailing happily through her life
Laughing and smiling flawlessly
Not giving up anything without a fight
I’m not sure when I lost her; but God says it’s time I get her back
So with His guidance and wisdom
Her return is no longer a wish, but now a Matter of “Fact”!

Written By Jmarie©

Written from the Heart of a Woman… Mine!


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