Today is brief…just thinking about the term friend… Sometimes we put too much pressure on our friends to be there for us.  We expect them to always be available.  The reality is that your friends also have their own lives, struggles, internal demons, happiness, families, etc., that you just might not be a part of.  […]


I know the EASY thing to do… BUT… Easy isn’t always the right thing; it’s what it is… Just easy.  You know what I mean?  But when you are weary and tired… easy is looking pretty darn good.  It’s when easy begins to look that good, you need to LEAN ON HIM. I occasionally think […]

Love at First Meet or Rebound

Well now… I mention in Dearly Beloved something called “Love at first Meet”.  In my opinion, that is just another term for “Rebound”. “Love at first Meet” occurs when you’ve already been in a relationship before and refuse to do the “Love at first Sight” a second time.  If the first one ‘broke your heart’, the […]