Inspired by a song by Drake….and situations as such ….

Is she your “who the hell wants to be 70 alone” girl

Or is she the love of your life

The completion to your world

Nothing wrong with either choice

The only difference is that one is more secure

While the other more fulfilling

If you happen to be lucky enough to have one in the same

Praise God for his Favor

Because those odds are one in a million




​This morning I witnessed a Sunrise…in all of its magnificent glory

A smile formed upon my face and I felt immensely encouraged

The first time I saw such a sunrise was many, many years ago

Experiencing it with my mother and little did I know

That something such as welcoming as a Sunrise would remind me of a Mother’s Love

My mommy just sat with her curious 10 year old looking out of the kitchen window with all of my quizzicality watching the morning unfold.

Sunrises & Mommy’s…. Priceless


Telepathic Waves

Telepathic Waves

Everyone knows that you are my inspiration, my go to…my muse

But lately, I haven’t seen you, heard from you and I’ve rarely even felt the presence of you

Initially, this really concerned me and saddened my spirit

I couldn’t figure out the reason why you were missing

Then I remembered you are a real person and have your own life…just like the rest of us do

And it seems telepathy intervened, because you called and I finished this poem and am inspired to write more.

You’re appreciated 

Written from the Heart of a Woman…Mine

Jmarie 2017(c)

Power of the Sun

Right now my life is in a state of confusion

Topsy turvey; nothing about it is amusing

I’m doing what I’m doing with no formal direction

I’m doing what I’m doing as I sit back and look at my reflection

Going through the motions and praying that I’m doing right

Asking for His guidance every single night

Trying to be strong for those who depend on me

At the same time fulfilling my contract to my employer as an employee

Moving in many directions while I’m sure I’m standing still

Asking myself if I’m dreaming and if what’s happening right now is really real..

And just when I think I cannot take any more

The sunshine appears with all of its warmth

The love and support that I can feel from its rays

Help me to continue on this journey/season I’m going through these days

I close my tear filled eyes and Thank God for the Sunshine… 

Feeling like that at this moment the Sunshine will always be mine

Jmarie© 2017


My presence is felt not announced
Born into this, earned the distinction

Love me or leave me

I honestly do not care

Want me or need me

Let me be brutally clear

Don’t waste my time trying to give me the world

I’m not impressed with material things, I’m not your typical girl

I can buy anything I want so I don’t need you to purchase a thing

Understand… I am a Queen worthy of a King

I will protect your throne; yet I will follow you no where

As I deserve to stand right beside you

And I expect your full love, support and care

Now if you cannot give me those things….

Move on; don’t’ waste my time…

Make room for someone who knows the importance of having a Queen in their Kingdom 



I could have easily been reduced to your pass-timeBut wasting time is NOT something you do …Thank God!

I could have also been your “only call when it’s half past 5pm” as the Weeknd eludes to

But eluding is also something you just don’t do…Praise Him!!

I could have even been your personal financial solution to any of your potential financial issues

But you didn’t choose to use me, you figured out how to prevent them… Yes Lord!!!

We’re not a reason or a season

Not a fancy, Not a ‘tap that’ — I’m Not a piece of a$$… and you’re Not someone to ‘do’

Divinely, eternally, lifetime… Truth



I’d like to retract all my feelings for you            Pull back all my love for you               And disconnect from your frequency

But…My heart cannot retract, pull back, nor disconnect… anything associated with you

Then –    I’m over it, accept it, then dread it… and we’re back to Sometimes…. again…

 Jmarie© 2016